Beach Buggy Racing: An Exciting Kart Racing Game for Free

Do you love racing games? Want to showcase your driving skills on an off-road kart racing adventure? Then you should try Beach Buggy Racing and download on your PC or mobile phone today! If you have experienced playing Nintendo Switch’s Mario Kart Deluxe, then probably you have gotten an entire picture of how Beach Buggy Racing is all about. Yes, the concept is the same yet cheaper to purchase as compared to Mario Kart Deluxe.


Customize and Upgrade

Like all racing games, Beach Buggy Racing practically has the same mechanics – you choose your character, race track, and ride. There are speedy boosts and power-ups found on the race track in which you can get by passing by those items. Since there are other racers on the track, you can use these boosts against them at any time.

This game also allows you to use your winnings to customize your ride. There are a lot of unique cars, karts, and even monster trucks to choose from and collect. Each vehicle has a special ability for a certain race track. So choose wisely and drive the car you want. The controls may go overboard at times when tilting the game so much. Glitches may occur but this does not steal away the fun Beach Buggy Racing offers its avid players!


Survive the Race Tracks

Beach Buggy Race racing does not only have one kind of race track, that would be so boring right? What makes this game so amazing is that you get to race along beautiful coastal lines, mysterious swaps, or even jungles with dinosaurs! The adrenalin rush isn’t stopping every time you level up. Surprises just keep coming and mind you, there are also hidden shortcuts that you can pass through to be on top of the race.


Race with Your Friends

Beach Buggy Racing is a great single-player racing game but to add more to its awesomeness, you can race side by side with your friends using the split-screen multiplayer mode. So imagine the fun and thrill when each friend uses his device to race with you! In-app purchases may be needed to facilitate this gameplay but it will be worth it.

This game is perfect for family reunions or those sleepovers where you just want to have fun with racing video games. It is not that fine though for very young audiences because there is mild cartoon violence such as bashing or using weapons to get past another race driver. It is still best for adults to supervise their children when playing this game.

The game overall is good. It is up to the player if he or she wishes to race by himself in a single-player mode or with other people. Beach Buggy Racing is note-worthy because you can customize most of the elements of the game and its controls are not hard to grasp. The colors and display are not bad, as well as its audio effects. This racing video game is a great one to pass time or for honing those racing skills of yours.

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