My Talking Tom 2: Free Pet That You Can Visit Anytime Anywhere

Meet the coolest cat in the block, Tom, and join him as he lives his life full of fun, adventure, and reaping rewards. You start by opening a small box with a tiny kitten inside. You are given the chance to name it and start caring for it on Day 1. It is similar to most pet simulation games yet unique in so many ways. My Talking Tom 2 can easily be downloaded on PC or mobile and a great game for all audiences.


What’s so great about it?

My Talking Tom 2 is a free game anybody can download and play with. Taking care of Tom involves feeding, bathing, entertaining, and even allowing him to travel to different worlds. Entertaining him is the best part of this popular video game – you get to play those cool and exciting mini-games! You can try Ice Smash, Super Balloons, Totem Blast, Cupid Tom, Pet Connect, or even the popular Spooky Train. If you win in these mini-games, you earn coins that may be used to purchase food, potions, and even clothes for Tom.

Aside from the very rewarding mini-games, My Talking Tom 2 also allows you to earn some points and ride on an airplane. Tom can explore another place and open a mystery box that may contain clothing or accessories for your cat. It can also be some new decorations for Tom’s cat or anything that helps make Tom look or feel awesome!

One great feature of why kids love this video game is that you can talk to Tom and he echoes back in a squeaky voice. Yes, that’s a plus for a pet simulation game.


Is it worth your time?

As mentioned, My Talking Tom 2 has everything you need for a pet simulation game, even better. It provides everyday fun and makes you want to look forward to what Tom needs the next day. Playing this game also helps kids prepare virtually how it is to have his or her pet. If in the game you see red in Tom’s food meter, swipe immediately and go to the kitchen and feed him. When the toilet meter is red, either Tom needs to take a bath or use the toilet. So it is practically very easy to play and can even give you push notifications on your mobile phone if ever Tom needs something.

My Talking Tom 2 is not only perfect for those who want to pass time but for unwinding after a tough day at work or school. The game also features Tom having little pets in which you can also feed them. There may be in-game purchases needed to get those extra items or experience exclusive gameplay, but you may also progress without doing that. You can either watch a short video or play the mini-games to earn enough coins.


Verdict: Download now

The fantastic gameplay of My Talking Tom 2 is one of the best reasons why you should have this game already. The visuals and audio effects also add to why you should download the game- soonest! So what are you waiting for? Prepare yourself for a world of fun in Tom’s everyday adventures!

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