Glow Hockey: Relive the Glory Days of the Arcade

Back in the days when everybody could still hang out with friends and family in the mall, did you play with arcades? Video games such as racing and shooting are one of the top games inside an arcade and top date places as well. Aside from that, everybody always tried shooting some hoops, beating each other’s top scores, and even get tickets in the end. And there is that particular game in which there would be a long line to it just because everybody wanted to play with it once the arcade or game park opens.

Air Hockey is one of the most fun arcade games perfect for all ages. It is a very simple game in which you just have to shoot your puck to the opposite side and defend the goal so your opponent can’t score against you. It is very addicting in a sense that’s why people missed playing with that game ever since the pandemic started. But did you know that you too can play hockey against family and friends today? Not in the game park of course but online.


Online Air Hockey

Glow Hockey is an online arcade game which gives the same feel as you are at the game park playing air hockey. You can play this at the comfort and safety of your house by simply downloading the game to your PC or mobile phone. The concept is the same but what’s cool about Glow Hockey is that it has those amazing neon colors that make it vibrant and addicting to play with. The sides of the table light up whenever it’s your turn or experience even more light explosions when you win! Aside from that, if you have already installed Glow Hockey to your mobile device, it vibrates when you shoot your puck to the goal. It is very exciting and noteworthy to share with your friends and family.


Single vs. 2 Player mode

Glow Hockey has 2 modes to choose from. If you are feeling like you want to practice and master the game first, choose the single-player mode. You get to play against an AI and go on different stages. For those who want to play against a friend, you have an option to choose the 2 player mode. This way, you are already knowledgeable of the tricks of the game. Showcase your air hockey skills and win the game against your friends or top players online. When it comes to the gameplay, you also have the option to choose the level of difficulty depending on your capability.

This online arcade game is great because it can make any age level happy and de-stressed. Kids, teens, or adults find this game very entertaining and even hones their Physics knowledge. It is like playing the real air hockey that we all used to play inside the game parks. To know and immerse yourself into Glow Hockey, don’t think twice. Download this amazing video game to your desktop PC or mobile device now!

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